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This site was started on September 5, 2011 and has a long way to go before it is even approximately "complete". Please be patient, but dive in and enjoy what is here. There are discussion forums in place for most all of the course content; please go ahead and use these, especially on topics we are reviewing in the online satsangs.

A couple of the links at the top allow "Guest" login. If you want to use the rest of the site, please contact Swami Jnaneshvara for a login name and password. If we have never met, please tell me about yourself and your interest in this.

Email Swami Jnaneshvara

Abhyasa Ashram is a school of Self-Awareness in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters, as communicated through the Himalayan master Swami Rama. The use of the term "school of Self-Awareness" does not mean a physical school in the conventional sense of the word (although we have a physical ashram in Florida USA). It means the inner school of self-study, of introspection into one's own true nature.

This online distance learning program is an important part of that process and is sponsored by Abhyasa Ashram. We have also online discussions and Facebook groups to complement the community of sadhakas (practitioners). See

Ashram website

Calendar of Activities

Swami J's Traditional Yoga website

Abhyasa Ashram Satsang Facebook group

Swami Rama Teachings Facebook group

Ashram Ashram newsletter

This community and course site ( is the distance learning program I have wanted for years to create. Now we have several aspects to distance learning that will blend together, also including online satsangs six times per week (plus one in Dutch by Tri), exploring the site (, and visits to the ashram or retreats in India. Please note that this site is new as of September 5, 2011 and is being built gradually over time (we are just learning how to use this technology). You will likely find big holes here and there. Please be patient and enjoy what is here for now.

POPUPS: You may run into "popups" in the site. Just follow the popup instructions given to you. There is nothing I can do from here.

FORUMS: Discussion forums have already been set up for all of the courses. Feel free to go ahead with freely make posts. The emailing feature (when subscribed) is not working yet; I don't know why and am exploring this. When you are logged into a course, you can click on Forums in the left column and see a list of all Forums for the course, along with the number of posts. This will show you where there has been activity you might want to look at. The subscriptions feature is NOT working yet. In other words, you will NOT be receiving email announcements yet. I am working on this problem, but obviously have NOT yet found a solution.

LESSONS and QUIZZES: Lessons and quizzes will also be added. The quizzes will all loop back until you get the answer right. It is about learning, not "grading" anybody. You will all score 100% on the quizzes.

FILES: Various files and learning materials will be added. This includes links to many of the articles on These will also be linked in the discussion forums and appropriate lessons.

FAIR USE: Some of the materials are used as "Fair Use" teaching tools in accordance with section 107 of Title 17 of the U.S. copyright laws. There is no intent, expressed or implied to infringe on the copyright holders of any of the books by Swami Rama or others. All students are strongly encouraged to purchase the printed or digital media referred to in these courses. ISBN numbers and links are provided in the courses to facilitate the purchase of these materials.

SWAMIJ.COM: The website continues to be a place to just snoop around, learning here and there. We can use links to individual pages or sections of pages within the body of the courses.

ONLINE SATSANG: We have 7 online meetings per week (including one by Tripurashakti in Dutch). Hopefully, you will participate in some of these, and also visit the related course here in this site. There will be discussion forums here on for each chapter or topic being discussed live online. Login information for the online satsangs is here:

BOOKS AND STUDY GUIDES: The ones we have made are downloadable from here: Books by Swami Rama can be purchased elsewhere, such as Some of the books have been rewritten after Swamiji left the body in 1996. Therefore, I recommend you buy the original copies in the used market; ISBN numbers are listed on the main page which lists the courses.

SNOOP AROUND: Please snoop around the site; you can't hurt anything as far as I know.

LOGIN: If you wish to participate and would like to login to the site, please contact me with a brief introduction of who you are and your interest in this. Please include your first and last name, email address, city and country. I will enter the registration data and send you a login name and password. When you login, you will be asked to provide your own password. You may write to me through

ENROLL: Enroll in the courses in which you would like to participate. If you are involved in either book reviews at that ashram or the online satsangs, you will probably want to enroll in those courses which are related.

PEOPLE: As you move around in the site, pay attention for the posts of Tri (Tripurashakti Brahmacharini) and Jennifer Rose, both of whom are most important helpers in setting up our learning programs. Leela and Robin are also very active in what we do (and are directors of our ashram). All four of them are lovely people you might enjoy getting to know. Most of the people I know well (and who are most likely to be active here) are very sincere with their sadhana, and you will find them enjoyable as well.

Swami J

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